Sales and Distribution

Posted: Juli 12, 2008 in Kewirausahaan

This section explains the strategy, structures and processes you will use to sell your product to customers, and intermediaries, and how you will physically deliver the product to them.

· State to whom you are you selling the products, state specific segments of the market

· Explain how are you going to make the product available to customers sell the product to each of these segments – how are you going to make it convenient and accessible for your customers to buy your products

· Describe the retailer and intermediary margin structures for each sales channel you use through to the final consumer – and compare this to rivals

· If you need a sales force, will you develop this in-house or have you identified a sales organization you can contract / partner with?

· Where will your products be warehoused? How will your products physically reach your customers? Will you employ a warehousing and distribution company, or will you contract with the Sales & Distribution outfit that offer the entire package?

· If you do enter a contract arrangement with sales & distribution, what are the terms of the agreement? Who will own the stock? Who will invoice and receive the funds?

· When and how will customer invoicing be done?

· What settlement terms are offered?

  1. kusumayanti berkata:

    Seems easy if we only read, Sir. But in reality, we need one more thing, it’s “LUCK”. Am I right , Sir ?

  2. elirusli berkata:

    i just a stuped boy in businese but after i red this write, i realize that i have to be a enteurpreneur,so thank you sir four your write.

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